A quick little glossary to help you with the often very similar and confusing terms in Scouts.

  • Scout Group – The Umbrella term for all the age groups in scouts
  • Section – A single age group be it Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers
  • Squirrel Drey – The collective noun for a group of Squirrels
  • Beaver Colony – The collective noun for a group of Beavers
  • Lodge – A small team of Beavers
  • Cub Pack – The collective noun for a group of Cubs
  • Six – A group of six cubs within the cub pack with a leader and assistant leader cub
  • Scout Troop – The collective noun for a group of Scouts
  • Patrol – A group of Scouts or Explorers with a Patrol Leader (PL) and Assistant Patrol Leader (APL)
  • Explorer Unit – The collective noun for a group of Explorers
  • Leader – In charge of running a Section, they are invested into Scouting and wear uniform
  • Assistant Leader – Helps the Leader with the running of the Section and are also invested
  • Occasional Helper – An Adult Volunteer who gives their time to help out when they can, either with a specific activity or just at section meetings. They are not invested and are not expected to wear uniform.
  • Investiture – The act of being welcomed to the Worldwide Scout Movement by making the Scout Promise.
  • Necker – The Scarf worn by all scouts. They are unique to the group that you are a member of and in our case are Yellow. They are secured in place with a Woggle
  • Woggle – The ring worn on the necker to keep it in place.