At 11th/9th Cambridge we provide scouting for more than 150 young people, spread across five sections:

Squirrels (ages 4 – 5)

Our youngest section – Squirrels gather to grow and learn their way through lots of different games and activities, they meet from 5.15-6.15pm on Tuesdays

Beavers (ages 6 – 7)

The turquoise ninjas – Beavers get up to all sorts of antics from crafts to camping and meet weekly from 6-7pm on Thursdays

Cubs (ages 8 – 10½)

The name says it all really – bouncy, energetic and loads of fun for both the Cubs and the leaders, they meet from 6.45-8.15pm on Tuesdays

Scouts (ages 10½ – 14)

What don’t Scouts do? – Getting outside and learning skills for life is the aim of the game with fun and activities, the Scouts meet from 7.30-9.15pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Explorers (ages 14 – 18)

Expect more from these teenagers – having fun and going on adventures whilst gaining new skills and learning to lead, Explorers meet from 7.45-9.30pm on Mondays

Leaders (ages 18+)

We rely on a crack team of Adult Leaders to allow us to deliver scouting to all these young people. Each section has a designated Leader who is responsible for providing the program and deciding what goes on each week, assistant leaders who provide support and come along to as many weekly meetings as possible, and occasional helpers who give their time to help out as and when.

Can you help out? We rely on volunteers to enable so many young people to have a great time in Scouts and would really love to hear from you would like to get involved!