Subscriptions policy

Subscriptions to each section of the group (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers) are set by the section leader in consultation with the Group Executive Committee. Each section sets the cost of a subscription in accordance with their sectional running costs.

Subscriptions are paid by quarterly standing order.

It is the group’s policy that no young person should be denied access to Scouting due to financial hardship; the group maintains a small hardship fund to underwrite those who need it. Applications to this fund should be discussed as early as possible and in confidence with the Group Scout Leader.

As with any charity, subscription payments are a significant fraction of the group’s income and are relied on to keep the group on a financially sustainable basis. Subscription fees cover the utility and maintenance costs for the centre, the equipment we use, rental of minibuses when we go out, membership of the UK Scout Association, and the annual insurance fee.

Non-payment of subscriptions

The volunteers who run each section on behalf of the young people and their parents can spend a lot of time and effort chasing up late payments of subscriptions. This detracts from the aim of providing Scouting activities.

In the event of a subscription fee being overdue, the following procedure will be used:

  1. A reminder will be sent a fortnight after the fee was due.
  2. A formal letter from the Group Scout Leader will be sent a month after the fee was due requesting immediate payment or a discussion to agree a payment plan for the outstanding fees and any future subscriptions.
  3. If no arrangement has been made by the beginning of the following half term or term, a further letter will be sent rescinding membership of the group.

Appeals process

If any parent feels that this process has been applied incorrectly, the Group Scout Leader or Group Chair should be contacted in the first instance to discuss the matter and provide a resolution. If this is not possible, representations may be made to the District Commissioner requesting his or her assistance.